April 19th, 2014

kingdom hearts meme heartless / nobodies / dream eaters

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The extension of a hand, one to another, is symbolic. It shows a mutual trust. A connected love that is shown with a simple holding of another whether it be to protect them or to show a promise. United even when broken.

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square enix you better watch your back

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April 18th, 2014


when ur parents go out food shopping





i’m in love

There are no Deadpool cosplayers. Deadpool sometimes just breaks the 4th wall to show up at conventions.

reblogging again because of the waldo gif

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this kid is going places 


this kid is going places 


Kingdom Hearts 15 Day Editing Challenge

Day 2 - Make a graphic Using a Maximum of 5 Textures

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THE JOURNEY BEGINS: A Rurouni Kenshin Graphics Challenge

8: Favorite Anime Scene
Kenshingumi leaving Kyoto
My first thought for this challenge was the FFF scene, though I wasn’t sure if my heart could handle trying to capture that. But after recently rewatching pieces of the Kyoto Arc, I remembered this scene.
Goodbye scenes always get me. I’ve stood on that proverbial platform, and been on that train. I’m also always struck by how emotional and grateful Misao is in this scene. I believe her words are directed mainly at Kenshin.
Thank you for seeing me safely home. Thank you for saving my family, my city, my country. Thank you for bringing back the man I love. Much of the time, Kenshin lives a thankless life, and it’s nice to see an explicit expression of gratitude. <3